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The Eurotunnel / Shuttle experience from Florian G. on Vimeo.

The amazing Shuttle linking UK to France in 35 minutes (!), so easy and practical!

Soundtrack: Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Vocal Edit)

Trentemøller: Candy Tongue (feat. Marie Fisker) (Official Video) from Anders Trentemoller on Vimeo.

"Candy Tongue" is the second single taken from Trentemøller’s third studio album "Lost" - a blueprint of dark’ish beauty building from whispered emotional vocals into a dense musical structure of ever growing intensity, sparking a mysterious longing buried deep within every heart.

And so does the video shot by Thomas Jessen who transposes the misty vibe in a similar vein, creating a deep, sub-aquatic feel with layers of disbanding clouds of ink floating across blurred, ever morphing bodies reminiscing of biased reflections in a fun-house mirror.

Trentemøller about Candy Tongue:
“Candy Tongue is featuring the beautiful and very talented Marie Fisker who also performs with me in the Trentemøller band when we play live. The video is directed by Danish Thomas Jessen. I really like the way he uses a lot of time to visualize the atmosphere in the music. No fast edits and cuts but only these stirred bodies, old and young. The video has a kind of hypnotic feel to it that I really like and it gives enough space to actually listen to the music. Of course I really appreciate that!”

Listening to Exotic (feat. Pitbull) by Priyanka Chopra

at Rhodos island – Preview it on Path.

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